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NewLink SEO Portal

NewLink SEO Portal

Internet Marketing - how to be found on the Internet . This powerful and generic solution allows to promote any product or service. This solution is offered in the SaaS model.

This generic solution can be used to promote virtual any products and services on the Internet. It is optimized for the large search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,...

This SEO Internet marketing tool is based on 3 elements: highlights, dynamic Information (from external data sources (NewLink Web Data Mining Collection) and RSS feeds) automatically assigned to categories based on keywords and relevant interlinking.

This is a sophisticated solution that can be used as 1st phase of an E-commerce project, a base solution for affiliate marketing activitities,...but can be the used as final solution as it contains very powerful lead follow-up capabilities.

There is strong geographicalal map integration. (see Creamundi)

It has build-in possibilities to build international partner networks.

This service allows the creation of an easy to manage, scalable and flexible Internet market solution allowing an organization to have massive visibility on the Internet. This site can be managed by means of an unlimited amount of content providers.
The focused approach almost guarantees interesting top positions on Google. For this purpose there is a built-in generic banner system that allows classic banners or easy integration of code to participate to affiliate programs.

Currently this SEO olution is used in the following industries: E-commerce, Fashion, Real Estate, tourism, debt collection,...

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