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NewLink Marketing

NewLink Marketing

Marketing campaigns for large organizations combining Web-to-Print, E-mail marketing and telemarketing.

This NewLink Marketing solution is intended for large companies with a considerable amount of agencies (like banks, insurance companies,...). Those organization can optimize their cost structure, time to market enormously by using this solution. 

  • Flexible web based marketing application integrating ­Web-to-Print, E-mail marketing, Telemarketing
  • Possible to use for creation of personalized PDF’s for own agencies (but also for the clients of those agencies)
  • Supporting an unlimited amount of printing companies
  • Supporting own distribution center, but also allowing the use of fulfillment by 3rd parties
  • Client data update
  • printFLO (Web-to-Print)
 This solution contains a lot of generic functionality useful for any organization where marketing is organized centrally. Nevertheless we see that customization and integration is necessary.
Contact info@newlink.eu for more information

Platform realized by NewLink (2009-2010)