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B2C E-commerce platform

B2C E-commerce platform

This is a integrated, multilingual B2C fully webbased E-Commerce platform.

This NewLink platform is offering you the ability to offer E-commerce services to an umlimited amount of B2C E-shops. 

  • E-commerce
    • Sophisticated payment services
    • integrated catalog services
    • Virtual shops
  • Internet marketing
    • SEO
    • Lead generation
  • Marketing
    • Web-to-Print
    • E-mail marketing
    • Telemarketing
  • Integrated accounting for E-shop owners

 The basic criteria for this NewLink platform are:

-  Short “Time to Market
-  Independence of

  • Service provider
  • Application provider
  • Regional provider
  • Region/country
  • Hosting location
  • Technology

-  Uniformity
-  Centralized approach
-  Reusability
-  Automation friendly
-  Highly structured
-  Easy maintenance
-  Multilingual
-  Stick to standards
-  Search engine friendly
-  Open for future developments
-  Flexible
-  Interesting for investors

In order to define a powerful reusable solution we consider the following levels:

-  Application provider
-  Regional provider
-  Merchant

The application provider could be considered as an organization delivering intermediary/sales services to several countries/regions

The regional provider can be seen as a an administrative unit offering services to a certain country/region

Every merchant belongs to a regional provider

Every regional provider has 1 or more virtual and merchant shops.

A virtual shop can contain an unlimited amount of product groups and products filtered based on product groups and product property content and criteria like “New” and “Special offer”.

As an example it would be possible to define in a couple of minutes a website containing the following products:

“All new red woman shoes from China, Vietnam and South Korea that are in promotion”

This possibility to create quickly a website with this focused content will be a very powerful to get favorable search engine positions.

Additionally a very short time-to-market will be guaranteed as Dragon Head will be able to react immediately on trends/evolutions/opportunities based on empirical results from web analytics.

A merchant shop contains the products of 1 merchant structured according product groups.

Products can be physical goods, downloadable files or services

The solution will allow you the following exploitation schemes on its own or other IT infrastructure

  • Only you will exploit this application
  • You will allow to other parties to rent/license this solution for specific countries/regions and/or product groups (i.e on Regional Provider level)
  • You will allow other parties to rent/license/sell the full application (i.e. on application provider level)

 Ask more information via info@newlink.eu

 Platform realized by NewLink (2009-2010)